Matt Talbott

My dream is to be an NFL offensive coordinator. For now, I do this. I mostly take larger/full-length/album projects, particularly for clients interested in entirely analog processes. My rate is $300 day, and I like to book about 3 – 6 months in advance. I tour a fair amount and work at my bar a fair amount as well, so my schedule can be pretty snutz.

James Treichler

Along with everyone else in town, Earth Analog continues to mourn the departure of the legendary Pogo Studio, but we are delighted to have Pogo house engineer James Treichler on board here. Along with being a great engineer, James is an accomplished drummer and will tune the living piss out of your drums. James is pretty much the main house engineer these days and brings a great deal of tracking work to the studio. We have good success sharing projects as well.



Other freelancers who work at Earth Analog

Sanford Parker

Zac Montez





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