Matt Talbott

My dream is to be an NFL offensive coordinator. For now, I do this. I mostly take larger/full-length/album projects, particularly for clients interested in entirely analog processes.


Aaron McCallister

Long-time local and touring soundman Aaron McCallister partnered with Earth Analog in Spring of 2010. Aaron plays bass for the Tractor Kings and Chemicals, and does sound for my bands Hum and Centaur. His live sound experience and many years of recording out of his home contribute to him being an accomplished engineer, and he shares my passion for all things analog. Aaron is owner/operator of McCallister Audio and can fix a tube amp in his sleep.


Jeff Gregory

Jeff lives in Peoria and does tons of free-lance work at Earth. He was a fixture at a number of notable LA area studios for many years before returning home to the midwest. The breadth of his legit studio experience makes him comfortable working in all genres, with all kinds of clients, and with either analog or digital gear. Also he’s nice.


James Treichler

Along with everyone else in town, Earth Analog is mourning of the departure of the legendary Pogo Studio, but we are delighted to have Pogo house engineer James Treichler on board here. Along with being a great engineer, James is an accomplished drummer and will tune the living piss out of your drums.


Colin Althause

Colin also worked at Pogo and he’s young, so if you need to work like a 17 hr day he’s your guy. Totally knows what he’s doing. A meticulous worker who never tires of experimentation.



Other freelancers who work at Earth Analog

Kurt Ballou


Josh Estock

A Former Division III linebacker who has had both femurs broken, Josh is a graduate of Millikin University where he studied business and audio engineering. Josh has a ton of experience across digital and analog platforms as well as with wide ranging genres of music. He’s a sales rep at Sweetwater, so, if you need some gear, contact him. Josh interned with me in the summer of ’09 and pretty much knocked it out of the park. He loves tracking here..


Mike Levine

Also goes by “Mike J” but I don’t know why. I should ask him. Originally from Chicago but now located in NC, Mike J loves all things rock. Mike J loves Earth Analog. Mike J loves to track all his projects there, including his own bands. Mike J. loves the live room and loves sticking mics in the stairwell. Mike J loves Tolono.


Greg Norman

House technician and engineer at the infamous Electrical Audio. You could record with him at Electrical or at his own home studio, but why do that when you could record with him at Earth Analog?


Sanford Parker




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