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Working on a new Hum record.

Wow. About 18 months without a post. Not bad. Even by my standards. I am still here. Studio is kind of great.

OktstonerFest is upon us!

Earth Analog is super-pleased to welcome back this weekend Cloakroom and Whirr for a split 7-inch recording session.  Can you dig it?

See Cloakroom’s new video for “Starchild Skull,” from the just-released album Further Out. Recorded, mixed, and sequenced by Matt at Earth Analog. Thank you to Cloakroom and to Run For Cover Records for this amazing opportunity to record a great band using my preferred entirely analog processes, and for affording me the time to do my best work. I’m indebted.

Big thanks to guest engineer Sanford Parker and New Hampshire’s Vattnet Viscar. I had never even heard of New Hampshire until I met these guys. Also that drank me out of Coors Banquet Beers. But that’s ok. Nice dudes.

Some buttery sounds from Cloakroom and Earth Analog.

I bought a bar. Clients drink for free.

Finishing up mixing for No Sleep Records artist Run Forever.