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Your total recording costs can be figured by including the studio rate (including overnight lodging as needed), engineering fees, and your tape costs (if any).

studio: $275/day

overnight lodging: $35/night

engineering fees:
$200/day for Matt

Please visit our engineers page for contact info for the MANY freelancers with whom you can work at Earth Analog.  To book a session, you can contact me ([email protected]) or reach out directly to any of these dudes. (They all have access to the studio calendar.) You can work with me, or I can help match you up with another engineer if that’s your preference. The studio and lodging prices never vary, but engineering fees are determined by individual engineers. I’m $200/day. Some of my freelancers are less. Some are more. Sometimes I’m available, and sometimes my insane schedule makes it more attractive to book time with a different engineer.

2″ tape:
$325/reel for new ATR (Your brand new reel. You own it forever.)
$50/reel rental (My reel. You use it for your session then we wipe it after your record is recorded, mixed, mastered, and completely done. Then we rent it to the next band who has the need.)
$150/reel for purchase of a used rental reel (You use it for your session, like a rental, but then you keep it at the end.)

We run most of our sessions at 15 ips [inches/sec], as opposed to 30 ips. 30 ips has a slightly lower noise floor and improved transient response. 15 ips has a bigger low end…and costs half as much, because you use half as much tape! Most folks we know in the biz run at 15 ips these days, but we can line up and operate at either speed. Running at 15 ips gets you about 33:30 minutes of recording time. You can do the math for 30 ips.

If you REALLY can’t afford to purchase new reels, we do have some rental reels you can use for your session at $50/per. These get wiped when your session is over. I’m fine with that, and we’ve operated that way for years. But I MUCH prefer artists purchase new tape. I just love that new tape smell. Nothing quite like it.

Of course, we can run ProTools or Logic if you wanna skip the whole tape thing. This can be appropriate for quick demos and such. We won’t judge you too harshly.

1/2″ tape:
$120/reel of new ATR 1/2″ tape

(Note: this cost can be avoided by mixing down to a high resolution digital format, but we LOVE how our ATR 102 analog 2-track sounds and highly recommend you consider mixing to 1/2″ tape. It’s kind of our thing.)