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The real strengths of Earth Analog include the great sounding drum room, the free living space, and the overall recording environment. That said, I am slowly putting together a pretty extensive collection of high-end gear to help me toward my goal of giving my clients the best sounding analog recordings possible.

If you are seeking a specific piece of gear let me know. I will either buy it or rent it at my cost.

Read on…

Studer A820 2-inch 24 Track (2)
ATR 102 1/2-inch 2 Track

Vintage 40 input Sphere Eclipse

Big: Tannoy FSM 2×15 Soffited, powered by a Yamaha 2200
Nearfield: Dynaudio Focus 110 with REL subwoofer
Headphones: Sennheiser HD280 Pro and Shure 440. Pick the ones you feel are most comfy and sound the best to you.

u47 clone by Scott Hampton. Real Neumann KK47 capsule.
u67 clone (2) by Scott Hampton. Real Neumann K67 capsule.
AKG D112
Beyer m201, m88
Earthworks TC30
EV RE20, 686
Josephson e22s (2)
Octava 012 (3)
Royer 121 (2)
sE Electronics VR2 (2)
Sennheiser 409, 421, 441
Shure KSM44, SM57 (4), 58 (2)

Microphone Preamps
Well, for starters, the consoles got 40 Sphere pres. Which are pretty much amazing sounding.
Neve 1272 clone (4) – Featuring original Neve 183 boards, 31267 and 1166 transformers.
Hamptone Silverbox – One of only a few 4-channel tube preamps made by Scott Hampton.
GML 8302 – Two channel discrete, transformerless preamp. As transparent and true sounding as it gets.
ADM 760 (2) – From a vintage ADM broadcast console. Uses ADM’s proprietary discrete opamp. Wonderful on guitars.

Westrek 33609 – Clone of the famous stereo Neve Comp/limiter, built by Mike Miller, with all original Neve transformers and amp boards.
Westrek Limiting Amplifier (2-channel) – Custom built, just for me. An LA-3A clone every bit as nice as the original.
Gates Sta-Level – Vintage broadcast limiter. Just rebuilt. NOS RCA 6386 tube. Like butter.
Talbotttronix LA-2A (2) – LA-2A clones custom built, just for me, by Mike Miller/Westend Studios, KC.
Empirical Labs Distressor
DBX 160xt
Valley People 440

The Sphere console is loaded with 16 of their famous graphic eqs and 16 parametrics.
Chandler Curvebender (Chandler Ltd’s flagship hand-wired stereo eq. A studio fave.)

EMT 140 – Vintage tube mono plate reverb (Actually broken right now but you can look at it if you want…)
Lexicon PCM 80
Yamaha SPX900 multi-effects unit
DeltaLabs Effectron II delay

Vintage Orange 120 tube head
Vintage Orange 4×12 cabinet (2) loaded with Vintage 30s
Mid-90’s Orange 120 re-issue tube head
Vintage Ampeg V4 tube head (works great for bass or guitar)
Vintage 50-watt HiWatt tube head
Vintage Fender Twin Reverb silverface
Vintage Fender 50-watt Bandmaster head with matching 2×12 cabinet
Ampeg SVT Classic tube bass head (american-made version)
Ampeg 8×10 bass cabinet
Vintage Silvertone single 12 combo amp (2)
…and too many guitar pedals to list.

Digital stuff
32 channels of AD/DA conversion via Antelope Orion
Protools 9
Staying completely analog is obviously a wonderful way to work, but if you need a digital solution, we got it.