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Earth Analog is an analog recording studio located near Champaign, IL, dedicated to the creating of analog recordings of the highest fidelity. Owned and operated by Matt Talbott, Earth Analog offers free on-location lodging and boasts a great collection of class-A preamps, tube compressors, Studer and Ampex tape recorders for tracking and mixing, and plenty of vintage instruments and amps.

Control Room


  • Console
  • Vintage Sphere Eclipse C – Arguably the best sounding American desk. Ever. Depending on whom you ask.
  • 40 inputs
  • Tape
  • Studer A820 2-inch 24 Track
  • ATR 102 1/2-inch 2 Track
  • Monitors
  • Big: Tannoy FSM 2×15, soffited, powered by a Yamaha 2200
  • Nearfield: Dynaudio Focus 110 partnered with a REL sub